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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Student

A donation of $2,775.00 will fully sponsor a student for an entire school year. This amount includes registration and annual fees.

Technology Advancement – 30 iPad2s and cart

Our goal is to bring technology directly into the hands of our students in a setting that is educational and safe. This would allow all of our students to utilize the iPad 2 during instruction and enhance student learning, preparing them for high school, college, and careers. A set of 30 iPad 2s costs $399 x 30 = $11,970.00. A Bretoford Mobility Cart, which can hold 30 iPads, costs $1,799.95. Total cost of $13,769.95 (does not include tax).

General Operating Cost

Any donation that you could provide will assist us in continuing to provide a quality Catholic education at an affordable cost for our families.

Curriculum Advancement

Any donation that you could provide will assist us in acquiring textbooks and curriculum resources. This area will also go toward professional development opportunities for our teachers. 

Teacher Wish Lists

Teachers are constantly spending their own money to purchase needed teaching materials. Any donation you could provide will assist our teachers tremendously. The amount will go toward a specific teacher if you notify us or will go toward the classroom with greatest need.

Student Desks (30 count) for 6th Grade

The 6th grade classroom is in need of new student desks. The current desks are more than 15 years old.

Middle School Student Chairs (30 count for each grade 6-8)

The middle school grades are in need of student chairs. Many of the current chairs are worn out and/or broken.

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