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San Miguel School recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. The teachers and administration support our parents by providing them with strategies and resources that assist them in building their children’s academic progress and spiritual formation.

Our San Miguel School parents are highly involved in the everyday operation of the school. The support they demonstrate is immeasurable.

What Our Parents Say

  • Mrs. Lopez, mother of four San Miguel School students says, “I like that my children are safe in this school and that the principal and teachers treat them with much respect.”
  • Ms. Irra, mother of a kindergarten student says, “I like the close family relationship that the school keeps with the families. I also like the attention that the teachers give to the students and the academic advancements my son is making.”
  • Ms. Carrillo, mother of a preschool student says, “I like the school’s discipline and I like that they teach good values and the love of God.”

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