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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

The SLEs are what we expect our students to accomplish throughout their years at San Miguel School. With input from students, teachers, and parents, the following SLEs were created to reflect our current student population.

A San Miguel School student is 4 Cs…

An Active Christian who:

  • Prays everyday

  • Respects others, is nice, and compassionate

  • Puts God’s word into Action  

An Academic Champ who:

  • Works through challenges
  • Sets goals to succeed
  • Shows excitement for learning

A Model and Digital Citizen who:

  • Shows a positive mindset
  • Influences others to show good character
  • Demonstrates responsible actions at all times

A Strong Communicator who:

  • Works with others in a respectful way
  • Listens at all times
  • Asks questions when something is not understood

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